Benefits for Patients, Doctors and Family

Simple Operation

All the patient has to do is take their measurements.  The rest is automatic and wireless with no cables to plug in or trip over.  No patient intervention is needed.  Patients with limited physical abilities, such as poor eyesight or other health issues, benefit from the simplicity associated with using the Polytel System.

Accurate Data

Patients, healthcare professionals and family can be confident in the accuracy of information because it is automatically transmitted from the medical device to the website.  Then it is immediately available to the healthcare professional or family with no patient intervention.

Secure Delivery

Delivery of the data from the medical device to the data center and on to patients, doctors and family is HIPAA compliant.  No user identifiable information is ever transmitted.  Data in transition is always encrypted.

Cost Effective

The simple efficient design is inexpensive but intelligent and robust.  Utiliziing these types of lower cost devices allows for greater scalability and use.  In home monitoring has been shown to reduce hospital admissions and ER visits of chronic patients.

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