What is the Polytel® System?

The Polymap Wireless "Polytel® System" consists of products that use wireless technology to transfer medical data wirelessly from in-home medical devices like the GMA attached to a glucometer to communication devices like cell phones or the APT.  The data is then transmitted over the Internet to a predetermined server/service for delivery to healthcare providers, doctors or loved ones. 

  • GMA (Glucose Meter Accessory) is a small module ,using an RDT, that plugs into the port of glucose meters, receives data from the meter and transfers it wirelessly to internet capable communication devices like cell phones or the APT.
  • APT (Access Point Terminal) is a programmable smart modem plugged into a regular telephone line that dials an ISP and sends data directly over the Internet to a specified server for use by healthcare providers and family.
  • TIS (Terminal Initialization Service) is a subcription-based service that is dedicated to providing dynamic configuration of the APT when it is plugged in at a patient's home.  The information downloaded is the TCP/IP address of the service provider, local phone numbers to use when calling out and encryption keys to be used while transmitting data.  

The Polytel® Products (Click on the link to see the product brief)

Polytel® Wireless Glucose Meter Accessory (GMA)

Polytel® Access Point Terminal (APT)

Polytel® Terminal Initialization Service (TIS)

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