The Polytel® System

Polytel® Terminal Initialization Service (TIS)

Features and Benefits

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  • Automated Configuration Service for the APT (Access Point Terminal)
    Allows for simple, convenient and centralized configuration of the APT in the user home
  • Dynamic operation provides scalability
    Whenever the APT is powered up it automatically requests re-initialization
  • Simple but intelligent and easily programmable
    After patient medical device Bluetooth ID is loaded into a look-up table on the initialization server no more labor is required to "train" the APT 
  • Downloads basic information to APT allowing upload of data to healthcare server
    Provides APT with local ISP number, TCP/IP address of host server and encryption keys
  • Cost effective for healthcare provider
    No costs for manually reconfiguring each APT before sending it out to patient 
  • Convenient transfer of APT's from one customer to the next
    APT's can be easily be used again and again with different patients 
  • Non-user identifiable unique Bluetooth number used for patient ID
    HIPAA compliant and known only to healthcare provider 
  • ISP service:
    Subscription built-in, so the user does not need an Internet account 
  • Polymap's ISP/TIS Service is:
    Simple - set up devices for a new user without reconfiguration
    Cost effective - Highly scalable solution with neither 800 #'s nor modems required at monitoring location

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