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Glucose Meter Accessory 3 (GMA3)
The GMA3 is a Bluetooth Smart (BLE) adapter which can be configured for different meter families with the use of the appropriate cable. The unit is typically sold with a cable suited to one meter family, but can be easily converted to support another meter family by swapping cables.  Note that BLE is compatible with iOS since iPhone 4S and most Android phones made since 2016; a compatible app is required.
  • GMA3-LS for LifeLifeScan OneTouch® Ultra® Ultra® 2, and UltraMini, UltraEasy, Select
  • GMA3-BY for Bayer Contour®, Contour® TS, Contour® XT and Breeze2®
  • GMA3-AB for Abbott FreeStyle® Lite and FreeStyle® Freedom® Lite
  • GMA3-NI for Nipro / Trividia TRUEresultTM, TRUEmetrixTM, TRUEtrackTM and TRUEbalanceTM
  • GMA3-US for Accu-Chek Aviva Connect

Glucose Meter Accessory 2 (GMA2)
The GMA2 is a Bluetooth 2.1 (Classic) adapter which can be configured for different meter families with the use of the appropriate cable. Note that Bluetooth Classic is not compatible with iOS devices. A compatible app is required. 

Discontinued Models:
PWR-08-06 for LifeScan OneTouch® Ultra® Ultra® 2, and UltraMini  NOTE: incompatible with newer Ultra2 devices
PWR-08-07 for Bayer Contour® and Breeze2®
PWR-08-09 for Abbott FreeStyle® Lite and FreeStyle® Freedom® Lite
PWR-08-03 for LifeScan OneTouch® Ultra® or OneTouch® Ultra® 2 NOTE: incompatible with newer Ultra2 devices   

Compatibility Chart:

Glucose Meter









LifeScan OneTouch® Ultra®






LifeScan OneTouch® Ultra® 2 versions “A” and “B”






LifeScan OneTouch® Ultra® 2 later versions









LifeScan OneTouch® UltraMini®








LifeScan OneTouch UltraEasy™








LifeScan Select™









LifeScan Basic®









Bayer Contour®








Bayer Contour® TS








Bayer Contour® XT



See Note 1






Bayer Contour® next EZ



See Note 1






Bayer Breeze2®








Abbott FreeStyle® Lite








Abbott FreeStyle® Freedom Lite








Nipro / Trividia TRUEbalanceTM








Nipro / Trividia TRUEresultTM







See Note 2


Nipro / Trividia TRUEmetrixTM







See Note 2


Nipro / Trividia TRUEtrackTM








Note 1: Due to a recent Bayer decision, perhaps to discourage telehealth applications, Contour XT meters with serial numbers above 6000001 and Contour Next EZ meters with serial numbers above A000001 require the GMA to be unplugged from the meter during measurement.

Note2: Both the TRUEmetrix and the TRUEresult require a cradle (obtainable from Trividia) to operate. Quoting Nipro: "
To order a USB cable and/or docking station for your meter please call 1-866-476-3837."

Features and BenefitsWireless Glucose Meter Accessory Product Image

  • Small and lightweight
    Wireless module can be placed inside the pouch of the glucose meter.
  • Connects directly to the glucose meter
    Easy installation for quick and effortless use
  • Wireless communication
    Range adequate for most applications: Cell phones, PDA, Polytel® APT and more
  • No patient intervention needed to operate 
    Data is sent when test strip is removed.  No buttons to forget to push
  • Data is stored in module flash memory
    Uses store and forward technology to increase reliability
  • Upon receiving the data the GMA connects to an assigned device
    Via PIN code to a cell phone, PDA, computer, hub or Polytel® APT
  • Real-time clock with battery backup
    Timestamps test and data transfer for graphing and monitoring
  • Uses a unique identifier
    No patient identifiable data is ever transmitted
  • Battery level transmitted
    Monitoring software or personnel can instruct patients to change battery
  • Long battery life
    3 -6 months expected lifetime on one set of batteries (uses 2 AAA's)
  • GMA2: CE_logo.gif    FCC_logo.jpgRCMlogo.jpgR-NZ
Complies with
IDA Standards
     GMA3: CE_logo.gif    FCC_logo.jpg
  • Note: These products were designed solely by Polymap Wireless independent of LifeScan, makers of the OneTouch® Ultra® and OneTouch® Ultra® 2 and UltraMini, Bayer, makers of the Contour and Breeze2, and Abbott, makers of the FreeStyle Freedom and FreeStyle Freedom Lite;  Trividia Health, makers of the TRUEbalance, TRUEresult, TRUEmetrix and TRUEtrack.

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