The Polytel® System

Polytel® Access Point Terminal (APT)

Features and Benefits

Access Point Terminal Product Image
  • Effective design at a reasonable price
    Convenient wireless transfer at a low price 
  • Supports standard Bluetooth home health devices
  • Polytel GMA (all models)
  • A&D UC321-PBT scale
  • A&D UA767-PBT blood pressure meter
  • Nonin 4100, 9560, 3150 SpO2 meters
  • IEM Libr-o-graph scale
  • Fora IR-20b thermometer
  • No patient intervention needed to operate
    No buttons to forget to push, encouraging compliance
  • Store and Forward
    Reliable transfer of intermittent data
  • Wireless communication
    Uses a Bluetooth Class 1 transmitter with an effective range of 100m, which should be more than adequate for applications like homes and clinics
  • Retains data in flash memory
    No data loss due to power outages
  • Small and lightweight
    Can be placed anywhere in the home or clinic
  • Uses common cellular technology
    Uses 3G GSM cellular communication
  • Automatically retries failed transmissions
    Recovers from cellular outages
  • APT Internet communication can be setup up automatically
    Our Terminal Initialization Service (TIS) allows centralized management and updating of devices
  • Polymap's ISP/TIS Service is:
    Simple - set up devices for a new user without reconfiguration
    Cost effective - Highly scalable solution with neither 800 #'s nor modems required at monitoring location
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