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Polymap Wireless partners with Zeevo, Inc. in the production of the Polytel System

February 15, 2004

Polymap Wireless LLC, a designer and developer of wireless telemetry products based in Tucson, Arizona, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Zeevo Inc. Zeevo Inc. is a leading provider of "system on chip" solutions for Bluetooth© and other wireless communications applications.

Zeevo and Polymap Wireless will co-promote the Polytel System to the medical device industry and other industries interested in wireless telemetry. The product is being sold through the Polymap Wireless and the Zeevo sales forces and through Zeevo's worldwide distribution network. In partnership, the two companies will provide medical device companies with an option to develop a customized Bluetooth© solution or to use Polytel, which is the Polymap Wireless off-the-shelf solution.

For more information contact Sheena Lakhotia at 800-441-7179.

For more information, contact Polymap Wireless today at (800) 441-7179 or