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Polymap Wireless announces the release of the Polytel System

February 5, 2004

Polymap Wireless, a designer and developer of wireless telemetry products based in Tucson, Arizona, announced today the release of the Polytel System. The Polytel System is an off-the-shelf, Bluetooth® product, which transmits from a device wireless to the Internet.

The system provides an easy, efficient and cost-effective method for transmitting medical data, securely and accurately, from a patient at home to a healthcare practitioner. Polymap Wireless is currently selling the system to medical device manufacturers for sales into the telemedicine, disease management and consumer product markets.

Medical device manufacturers can dramatically reduce development costs and accelerate the launch of their Bluetooth® integrated medical devices because the Polytel System is complete and simple to implement with any device having a serial port.

The President of Polymap Wireless, Pierre Landau, believes that "The Polytel system is a beautiful solution to the problem of large-scale monitoring. One particularly attractive aspect is the complete lack of explicit intervention by the end-user and the translation of that into improved patient compliance," he says.

For more information contact Sheena Lakhotia at 800-441-7179.

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