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Heart Alert launches a simple wireless homecare management system

October 7, 2004

Heart Alert Inc, a clinical information management company based in Georgia has incorporated new easy to use wireless transtelephonic devices into a sophisticated disease management process which they are providing to the homecare industry. The devices are integrated with the Polytel System, a new inexpensive Bluetooth product which transmits data wirelessly from a device to the Internet.

The Heart Alert System

Heart Alert's system is designed to intervene with disease exacerbations and/or disease progression. These interventions are based on changes in clinical conditions and early recognition of symptoms through daily physiological data collection and scheduled patient encounters. Physicians receive trended weekly reports that provide information on patient status enhancing the patient-physician relationship. The Polytel integrated devices are provided to coordinate the flow of objective clinical data between the patient and the medical staff.

Patients receive "traditional" education on compliance and behavior modification, but if the data that is transmitted is outside of prescribed parameters it prompts a call from a specialized nurse who then takes the patient through an assessment that leads to either a clinical intervention or educational intervention. Clinical interventions include:

Management of diuretics to maintain proper fluid balance. Maximizing the use of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (ACE-I) and BETA-blockers for optimizing control of blood pressure and disease progression. Coordinating additional care needs for management of co-morbidities.

Why Wireless?

According to Rick Fleeharty, VP of Business Development for Heart Alert, the Polymap Wireless device provides for wireless transmission of the patient's data without the device having to be tethered to a restricted space. The transmission range of nearly 30 feet will allow our patients to place their collection devices in areas of convenience rather than simply close to a telephone outlet. Many of our patients are of Medicare age, in most cases not technically efficient, and may have difficulty in hooking up their monitoring equipment. The Polymap Wireless setup is very simple and simplicity is a critical factor when assuring compliance in this aging population. We look forward to implementation of this wireless technology to assist our staff with some of our more difficult to manage patients.

For more information contact Rick Fleeharty at 1-800-668-8636.

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