TUCSON, AZ--(Marketwire – March 3, 2009) - Polymap Wireless, LLC. (www.polymap.net) the company that is changing the way medical teams collaborate and collect data, is pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Sherman as Vice President of Business Development . Polymap Wireless has experienced exponential growth in the CRO and Medical sector since the launch of the Polytel product line in November 2002.

"Paul has over 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, and channel development as well as a strong knowledge of the Information, Technology and Telecommunications industries," said Dr. Pierre Landau, President of Polymap Wireless. "I look forward to the expert leadership, long-term strategic contributions, and enthusiasm of this sales pro."

Sherman has served in several senior level positions including Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development for a number of leaders within the technology industry including Radiodetection, Qwest Dex, Convergent and Jato Telecommunications.  With a track record of achieving aggressive growth plans around the world, Sherman will further accelerate sales efforts for the CRO and Medical sector on a global basis.  Sherman graduated with a BS degree in International Business Management from AIU in Chicago, IL.

"The Polytel product line address the needs of millions who are affected by diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and congestive heart failure who need to  send information to their healthcare professional or family members" , said Sherman. "This is an exciting opportunity because Polymap Wireless uses the latest wireless technology to move data from patient’s glucose meters to their health care professional in a seamless and effortless manner, decreasing the margin for error."

For more information, contact Polymap Wireless today at (800) 441-7179 or Polytel@polymap.net.