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Polymap Wireless, founded in 2002, develops and markets innovative wireless products for remote monitoring of diabetes, congestive heart failure, hypertension, obesity and other chronic conditions.  Polymap's business strategy is centered around partnering with major telecom companies, device manufacturers, hospital chains and remote monitoring businesses to efficiently deliver new wireless monitoring products to the market.  The company provides full systems and/or components that increase remote monitoring efficiencies while lowering overall costs.

The company's Polytel® System efficiently relays data from glucose meters, cardiac monitors, weigh scales and other vital signs devices over the Internet with no effort on the patient's part.  This simple to use design interface advantage is unique to Polymap.  Additionally, the Polytel® System can offer a significant cost advantage to it's healthcare channel partners.


Polymap Wireless produces, designs and develops wireless telemetry products and offers integration services for the medical device and healthcare provider industries.  Offering simple solutions to complex needs.


Enhancing the delivery of healthcare information.

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For more information, contact Polymap Wireless today at (800) 441-7179 or Polytel@polymap.net.